Importance of contributions

The contributions received by the Constitution of funds with ICETEX, are a decisive contribution to the quality of education, since these schemes reward academic merit to access high quality programs; likewise, they also grant credit forgiveness of all of the resources provided, in some cases, and much of the credit, in others, as well as important support for the costs of sustainment that involves the formation.

Education is the key that unlocks the door of the prosperity of the country. Today that key may be in the hands of companies, local authorities and territorial institutions and we want them to be linked and contribute to this great purpose.

The ICETEX offers its entire infrastructure, administrative capacity in the implementation of projects for funding of the Colombian education and is committed to ensure efficiency in the management of resources in the management of the Fund.

What are the management funds?

They are economic resources that are managed by the ICETEX, coming from public or private, territorial entities, co-operative and mutual sector and institutions of higher education, which purpose is to invest in the access, retention and graduation from a specific population in the national education system, thus contributing to the prosperity of the country.

How are they constituted?

For the creation of a Fund, the entity expresses a desire to set up a Fund through the contribution of resources to support the education of a particular population, through the signing of a contract or agreement of private law, between the entity or person interested in establishing the Fund (Manager) and the ICETEX. Through this contract or agreement, the Institute commits to manage resources in accordance with the characteristics of each Fund.

In the design of the Fund that wants to be created, the following aspects must be taken into consideration:

  • Users in the fund

    The Group of people to which the Fund services are intended:

    • Staff of the entity which decides to set up the Fund.

    • Inhabitants of a region, population or individual location.

    • Datos del contacto o encargado del mismo
      (nombre completo, número de teléfono, extensión y correo electrónico).

    Para la adición de recursos:

    • Número de convenio.

    • Código del Fondo asignado por el ICETEX.

    • Datos básicos de la entidad constituyente.

    • Datos del contacto o encargado del mismo
      (nombre completo, número de teléfono, extensión y correo electrónico).